Ted Wacker has handled a variety of personal injury cases including some with catastrophic injuries resulting in large damage awards and moderate to minor injury cases with smaller verdicts.   However, all cases are treated with the same level of detail in order to achieve a successful result for every client.

$4.58 Billion Settlement*

Vioxx Pharmeutical Litigation – Member of the PSC Science and Expert Committee, as well as Trial Team in the Barnett Trial.

$51 Million Verdict*

Member of the Trial Team for the Barnett Trial for Vioxx in New Orleans Federal Court.

$14.6 Million Verdict*

Poole v. Picazo – Injury on motorcycle resulting in paraplegia to 25 year old.

For more information on this case, click here.

$8 Million Verdict

Baker v. Doe – Mr. Baker was riding his motorcycle in Huntington Beach and was struck by a van the turned left directly in front of him. As a result, he suffered a catastrophic leg injury requiring 7 surgeries to salvage his leg. His orthopedic doctors have recommended an above the knee amputation in the future.

$7 Million Verdict

Condon v. Doe – This case also involved a motorcyclist who was struck by a truck hauling a flatbed that turned left from the middle lane of Pacific Coast Highway directly in his path. Mr. Condon suffered a below the knee amputation.

$6.35 Million Settlement*

Hernandez v. Doe – Personal injury in solo vehicle auto defect case.

$6.2 Million Settlement*

Rodriguez v. City – Dangerous condition of public roadway resulting in quadriplegia.

$5.85 Million Settlement*

Robledo v. Auto Manufacturer – Product liability tire company and SUV company resulting in rollover causing quadriplegic.

$4.65 Million Settlement

Chappell v. Doe – Wrongful death case in which Mr. Chappell was riding his motorcycle on the 210 Freeway in Los Angeles. The defendant driver was not paying attention to traffic stopping ahead and veered suddenly into the carpool lane where Mr. Chappell was driving. He was survived by his wife and four young children.

$4.5 Million Settlement*

Quintero v. Landlord – Dangerous condition of apartment complex resulting in child being run over by SUV causing permanent brain damage.

$3.1 Million Verdict*

Lefforge v. St. Edna – Dependent Adult elder abuse caused by morphine overdose resulting in anoxic brain injury.

Read more about this case here.

$1.5 Million Settlement*

Plaintiff suffered significant leg injury after being struck by a limousine in a crosswalk on her bike.  The case settled for the policy limits of $1.5 Million.

$1 Million Settlement*

Plaintiff struck a stalled water truck on the freeway.  As a result, plaintiff suffered a broken left femur and was 7 months pregnant at the time leading to premature delivery of the baby via C-section.  The case settled for the policy limits of $1 Million.

$750,000 Verdict*

Sassoon v. Delivery Truck – Plaintiff was sideswiped by delivery truck and claimed neck surgery as a result.  The defense claimed the impact was so minor that it did not cause injury and that no injuries were reported at the scene.  The case settled on the third day of trial in Chatsworth for $750,000.  The pre-trial offer was $150,000.

$500,000 Settlement*

Deinzer v. Warkentin/USAA – Plaintiff was involved in rear-end accident with a non-injury police report.  However, she subsequently had complaints of pain to her lower back and neck.  Ultimately, she underwent a cervical fusion.  The initial offer from the insurance company was $4,400.  The case resolved for the $300,000 policy limits of the defendant plus an additional $200,000 in Underinsured Motorist Benefits for a total of $500,000.

$262,500 Settlement*

Hernandez v. Apartment Complex Owner – Plaintiff was injured when the ceiling above his bathroom gave way and hit him on the head.  He continued to work that day and later began feeling dizziness.  A subsequent MRI revealed a slight fracture of the orbital bone (eye socket) that the defense claimed was pre-existing.  The initial offer was $25,000.  The case was referred to Ted Wacker who settled the case for $262,500.

$250,000 Verdict*

Bakman v. Whole Foods – Plaintiff suffered ruptured hamstring as a result of slipping on spilled bin food.  The jury awarded $250,000 for general damages.  No economic damages were claimed.  The pre-trial offer was $95,000 and increased to $150,000 at the time of trial.

$170,000 Verdict*

Yi v. Trucking Co. – Plaintiff was rear-ended by truck on the freeway on-ramp.  She suffered neck complaints and claimed shoulder impingement syndrome resulting in arthroscopic surgery.  Jury in Long Beach awarded $170,000.  The Pre-trial offer was $74,999.

$147,000 Verdict*

Kim v. Tillery – Plaintiff suffered broken pinky toe which was run over by the defendant.  The defendant disputed liability and claimed he was assaulted by the plaintiff first at a gas station and was fleeing for his life.  The jury in Pasadena did not buy the defendant’s story and awarded $147,000 in damages with only $4,700 in medical bills.  The pre-trial offer by defendant was zero.  Plaintiff’s prior attorney made a policy limit demand of $15,000.  The award was nearly ten times the demand.

* As a partner at former firm.

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