Premises Liability

Dangerous conditions may exist on both public and private property.  These types of accidents injure millions of Americans every year.  The effect of these types of accidents can be catastrophic to the victims resulting in substantially changed lifestyles and monetary loss.  Many of these accidents will be result of some defect on the premises arising from lack of ordinary and reasonable maintenance.  In these cases, the plaintiff must prove the defendant knew or “should have known” of the defect through the exercise of reasonable diligence. Turning a blind eye to the problem is not a defense.  Ted Wacker has handled numerous premises liability cases including trials with favorable results.

Our Specialties:
  • Dangerous condition on business premises
  • Dangerous condition on private premises
  • Dangerous condition on government property
  • Homeowner liability, including dog bites
  • Landlord liability
  • Trip and fall
  • Slip and fall

Client Testimonials

  • Ted was extremely professional, personable and knows the law well. I hired Ted 2 years ago, and he handled my Personal Injury matter. I had previously worked with 4 lawyers. We went to trial and the defense attorney for Wholefoods had met his match. If you need representation I highly recommend Ted!

    Dr. Tom Bakman
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